September 18, 2012

Vanderbilt Hospital ER Uses doTerra Essential Oils - Vanderbilt Hospital emergency room (ER) uses doTerra essential oils according to this Fox 17 News exclusive. According to the news report, Vanderbilt Hospital ER uses lemon, lime, wild orange and citrus bliss essential oils made by doterra essential oils. The essential oils used in Vanderbilt Hospital emergency room are reported to greatly reduce the stress and anxiety levels among staff and patients. Essential oils being used in Vanderbilt Hospital ER have been proven effective at elevating mood of patients and employees of the hospital while improving the smell as well. doTerra essential oils have an amazing therapeutic effect by decreasing stress and increasing energy level. Nurses and patients are starting to use doterra essential oils at home as well. For more information on doTerra essential oils or to find out how to acquire them, visit my blog:

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